Quibis is the credit management service specifically dedicated to companies in the consumer credit sector that offer salary- or pension-deducted loans or other loans with payment authorisation.

Quibis is the comprehensive solution for the totally outsourced management of every stage of the process flow. From opening the dossier to taking the steps necessary for the recovery of any non-performing loan, through direct contact with all the “actors” involved:

› the credit institute acting as principal
› the garnishee administration – public or private companies and institutions delegated to pay the instalments on behalf of the employee
› Insurance companies
› the transferor – the employee or retired person requesting the loan

All activities are managed by specialized teams dedicated to individual customers and they use custom software platforms that enable:

› the recording of any “action” and contact related to the processing of the dossier and the proactive management of the different phases
› online real-time monitoring by the client of the work performed by Gextra
› production of track records and reports on activities, with the possibility of connecting to an external data warehousing system.

Thanks to the experience, organization and technology of Gextra, Quibis allows timely, fast and accurate management of a high volume of dossiers, ensuring achievement of the KPIs agreed with the customer and compliance with regulations in the field of financing.