Gextra Spid has created the Spid service to make the payment of bills simple and immediately effective.
With Spid, the care and management of bill portfolios is outsourced through an evolved process that makes the payment of bills fast and transparent and informs the creditor of the status of the bill on the day following its maturity date.

The Debtor is informed about the method of payment and assisted by Gextra customer care if any clarification should be required.

The benefits of the Spid service


Spid reduces collection times and ensures the traceability of all transactions.
With Spid, funds are paid into the bank account of the credit institute no later than 48 hours after the bill has been paid.

Spid is a solution that makes it easy to pay at any branch of the Italian Post Office.

Spid makes it possible to promptly give the Beneficiary (customer) full accountability of his bill portfolio.
With Spid, the customer is always informed about the status of his payments.