We manage credit recovery through a network of agents throughout the country that is able to guarantee the utmost professionalism and effectiveness in terms of results, quality of the relationship and negotiating skills.
The Gextra tax collection network:
+ is present throughout Italy with province-based coverage
+ is composed of personnel who work exclusively for Gextra
+ is selected by means of systematic recruiting to ensure long-lasting relationships, thus creating a genuine “talent pool”.
+ is prepared for its operational role through a rigorous training period and a period of field testing.
Gextra applies a Vendor Rating system for the evaluation of individual agents who are awarded points on the basis of objectively quantifiable criteria.

In addition to evaluations based on results achieved, we consider other important quality of service parameters such as:

+ the timeliness and quality of delivery
+ the responsiveness to changes in strategies and portfolio management
+ the ability to adapt to new technologies
+ the support given to the development of new products.