Xyou is a totally innovative service designed and built by Gextra to meet the credit recovery needs of small and medium-sized businesses, professionals, trustees in bankruptcy proceedings, trade associations and all the organizations that have to manage credit recovery on a discontinuous basis in terms of volumes and typology.

A truly “rechargeable” service in order to:
› write down only the expenses related to completed interventions, without costly overheads
› evaluate the commitment and steps necessary on a case-by-case basis
› maintain a cost/benefit ratio that is commensurate to the size of each case, with the possibility to choose between different “sizes” of service.

Xyou provides companies with:

› a Competence Center with telephone operators trained in communication skills and negotiation
› a tax collection network of 80 agents highly skilled and deployed throughout the national territory, as well as a network of correspondents in Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Americas
› an online account-based management platform to be used directly by the client company to automatically manage the credit recovery process in outsourcing.

The system makes it possible to:
› request the intervention of Gextra by directly entering the invoice to be collected
› decide the type of intervention and which resources of Gextra to “put in place”
› monitor the progress of the dossier in “real time”
› check the status of payments
› interact directly with Gextra
› close the dossier ahead of time if the problem has been solved.