We believe that the commitment to the preservation of the environment is a necessary choice that cannot be put off any longer and without which there can be no future.

Our efforts towards this common goal are and must be part and parcel of our way of doing business.

This culture is disseminated and applied every day in all our activities through simple, concrete and ongoing actions.

A model of accountability based on the belief that the sum of many small actions can lead to big results.

Gextra initiatives to protect the environment

  • Online
    Gextra chooses Zero Impact Web

    Gextra has chosen to offset the emissions arising from your visits by protecting forest growth and helping to combat global warming.
    Even the Internet pollutes: according to a report by Greenpeace, in 2020 data centers and telecommunication networks will consume about 2,000 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, more than triple their current consumption.

  • In the Office

    Gextra chose LifeGate Energy


    Gextra chose LifeGate Energy, 100% renewable Green Energy, certified carbon neutral by Lifegate, which offsets the carbon dioxide generated by the electricity consumption in our offices.

    What is LifeGate Energy?
    LifeGate Energy is the first Zero Impact® renewable energy.

    The electricity that we consume every day translates into tons of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, which is the gas primarily responsible for the greenhouse effect and the climate change in progress.
    The energy from renewable sources (water, sun, wind, earth), however – unlike increasingly scarce and expensive fossil fuels – are a concrete alternative and can be continually renewed: they are inexhaustible.

    Our office supplies and corporate publishing utilize certified or recycled paper
    Green IT: reduced paper consumption for printouts in favour of the increased use of electronic documents
    Eco Box for separate waste collection, including used batteries and ink cartridges
    Choice of suppliers certified in relation to environmental protection
  • On the move
    Preferential use of trains for business trips.
    Coverage of public transportation costs for employees who live farther away.
    Headquartered in Bologna, logistically at the center of the Italian territory, with offices in close proximity to the train station..