Gextra has developed its own sustainable development strategy for the implementation of responsible management.

In 2013 the company chose to follow the path of Environmental Sustainability in order to operate in an ethical manner in regard to stakeholders and improve the company’s environmental impact.

The project has already implemented an Assessment plan, which has provided a report on the social and environmental impact of Gextra. A Sustainability Plan has also been developed that defines the areas of intervention and actions for improvement.

Gextra has also obtained SA8000 certification, a standard based on international human rights standards and national labour laws, with the aim of ensuring the ethical nature of its production cycle.

The certification benefits all stakeholders and takes into consideration four major themes:

respect for human rights
respect for the rights of workers
protection against child exploitation
guarantees of safety and health in the workplace

In order to sensitize employees, customers and Gextra contractors to the issue of environmental sustainability, a quarterly Magazine is published that supports the integration of sustainable values and explores the issues connected with respect for the environment and for people.