The Zero Impact project

Gextra adheres to the Zero Impact project of LifeGate

Gextra has chosen to use 100% renewable energy whose origin is certified Zero Impact®
The Guarantee of Origin certifies the electricity produced from renewable sources (Article 34 of Legislative Decree No. 28/11). Its purpose is to allow electricity providers to inform end customers of the amount of energy from renewable sources in its energy mix. LifeGate has certified 100% of its electricity.
According to LifeGate estimates, for every kWh generated by hydroelectric power plants, carbon dioxide is emitted in the amount of 23.24 g CO eq. To make the renewable energy cycle totally clean, LifeGate Energy has adhered to the Zero Impact project: the carbon dioxide generated by the production and management of the supply chain has been offset by contributing to the creation and protection of forests, which are capable of reabsorbing it.

Costa Rica, Italy, Bolivia, Madagascar

Zero Impact® is the first Italian project that implements the aims of the Kyoto Protocol: it reduces CO2 emissions and offsets them by contributing to the creation and protection of forest growth.
Zero Impact® is a LifeGate project that quantifies the environmental impact of business activities, companies and people: it calculates the amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, reduces and then offsets them by contributing to the creation and protection of forest growth in Italy and the world.
Zero Impact® takes advantage of Italian and foreign universities specialized in LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) to scientifically compute environmental impact and also relies on the collaboration of Parks and Reserves for the creation and preservation of forests.
The entire process is certified by Bios, a SINCERT-accredited certification body recognized by the European Union.